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Why Build A Granny Flat In Gymea?

Granny Flat Gymea

Extra Income

Adding a Granny Flat to your existing property is a smart way to generate extra income. It is legal in NSW to rent a granny flat in Gymea to earn a passive income. Depending on your location, suburb, and type of Granny Flat, you could make an extra $300-$700 weekly!

A Granny Flat can pay for itself while also putting money in your pocket.

Property Investment

Building a Granny Flat on your investment property will not only produce additional rental revenue but will also raise the value of your property.

Since the introduction of the new Affordable Housing SEPP in 2009, the vast majority of Granny Flats constructed have been for property investors seeking a second rental income from their land.

Whether you acquired an investment property to flip or hold, adding a Granny Flat is a great way to boost the value of that property.

Disability & Elder Care

At Granny Flats Sydney, we recognise the importance of protecting those we love.We understand that everyone’s wants and expectations are unique. Whatever you require, we will ensure that we discover the best solution for your property, needs, and budget.

All of our Granny Flat designs can be customised with particular amenities to enable the elderly, sick, or disabled to feel at ease and protected in their new home and aid in independent living.

Keep Loved Ones Close

A Granny Flat is an excellent way to keep your loved ones close while allowing them independence.

Granny Flat Sydney will design, approve, and construct a Granny Flat in Gymeato suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget appropriately. Whether for a newly-wed couple, first-home buyer, small family, the elderly, those with special needs, a teenager’s hideaway, hobby space, or investment.

Building A Granny Flat In Gymea

When it comes to building a granny flat in Gymea, there are some unique challenges and opportunities. We frequently encounter tight spaces and sloping sites that necessitate extensive site or design changes that only an experienced granny flat builder can overcome in Gymea.

From initial concept and design through to engineering and council approval, our in-house design team handles the whole approvals process. We may adapt our designs to accommodate your specific site restrictions while meeting your design requirements.

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Granny Flat Gymea

Why Build Your Gymea Granny Flat With Us?

Granny Flat Sydney is one of Sydney’s most respected granny flat builders. Our flexibility and originality cemented our reputation as a leading Sydney granny flat builder.


We work with you to create the perfect granny flat for your specific brief. Our transparent approach is designed to assist you in making more informed decisions.

Using only quality materials and workmanship, you can be confident your new granny flat is of the highest standard.

With our devotion to cutting-edge research and development on materials, products, quality control, methods, and construction improvements, we are constantly raising the bar in professional granny flat construction.

Our passion for sustainability, modern design, and high-quality products ensure that our customers can enjoy a significant return on investment from their granny flat in Gymea.

Can I build a granny flat in Gymea without council approval?

With a change to the NSW Affordable Housing State Environment Planning Policy, all residential homeowners can build a granny flat on their property without the typical council approval procedure. – No council permission – if the specific site and design conditions are met.

How big can I build a Granny Flat in Gymea?

In NSW, a granny flat must have a maximum internal area of 60m2, excluding any verandahs, decks, patios, porches, or garages. Your local council’s rules will decide the maximum size of a granny flat you can build. In Sydney, we’ve been able to construct three-bedroom and even two-story granny flats that adhere to strict local regulations.

What is the difference between a regular builder and a granny flat builder in Gymea?

Unlike other building companies that may provide granny flats alongside more traditional buildings, we have always been and will continue to be focused on producing high-quality granny flats. We have always strived to exceed expectations with every granny flat we have developed over the last 15 years.

Our clients benefit from our enormous amount of knowledge and experience gained by focusing on the design and construction of granny flats in Sydney, which is such a specific, niche product.

Can I build a custom granny flat?

We provide a completely customizable design service. While we have a great choice of designs that work well for several properties, we also offer a custom service that allows our customers to create a granny flat that is tailored to their style or site requirements. We take on numerous jobs that our competitors will not, and we take pride in providing a personalised and custom approach.

Award Winning Granny Flat Designs

After many years of construction within the granny flat industry, we have cemented ourselves as the go-to granny flat builder in Gymea. We offer a range of brand new 1,2, & 3-bedroom Granny Flats, designed to accommodate many different block sizes and budgets. You can view our designs here.

Decades of Experience

With over a decade of experience and industry excellence, we want to design and build you the Granny Flat you deserve.

360 Walkthroughs

Using state-of-the-art 3D technology, you can visually experience the quality of our builds from the comfort of your very own home with walkthroughs available here. If you wish to enquire further about your Menai Granny Flat, you can book a consultation with us here at no cost.

Custom Designed Granny Flats

Are you looking to build a granny flat in Alfords Point that is customised to your specifications? At Granny Flat Sydney, we recognise that everyone’s needs and specifications are unique.

We understand that one size does not fit all, whether a simple change of paint or a whole bespoke re-design to accommodate the sick or disabled.

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